I’m currently working on a retrospective on The Festival of Britain. The festival, prescribed as a tonic to the Nation, that was recovering from the Second World War. It championed britishness and highlighted craft, design, science & technology.
This year the festival celebrates its 70th Anniversary. Currently Britain is finding its feet, post Brexit. The state is working to create new trade deals, highlighting what is Great from Britain. The parallels from 1951 offer an opportunity to reflect. The 1950s is an aesthetic era for design & produced an illustrative style that I draw on today.

For this project, I have scoured the archives and hunted for contemporary resources. I have acquired original documents from the event and attended seminars and workshops. From this raw material, my work over the next few months will focus on creating a modern take on this past event. I will create artwork to celebrate the Festival of Britain.

Below are some sample illustrations. These are elements in the design development stage of this project.