I have been inspired by the rich blue designs Cyanotype gives. It feels like alchemy; mixing water with potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate, painting it on card and leaving to dry in a dark room. These are then taken outside into the bright sun with a filter (be it an object, photo negative or drawing) and allow the sun the activate the chemical reaction. Taking it back inside to rinse off the un-activated portion creates these stunning prints. Finally as they dry the react with the oxygen in the air and finish a brilliant cobalt blue.

Cyanotype featuring china blue and white vessel and negative on tracing paper. Source of original image: British Museum Archive.
More blue and white china cyanotypes. Source of original images: British Museum Archive.
Cherry blossom cyanotype. Fresh blossoms placed directly on prepared paper.
Mixed media; photo negative of Kew Garden’s great greenhouse plus leaves and flowers laid upon prepared paper under glass.