‘I think you are wonderful’ carries a beautifully honest sentiment. I thought it would make a prime lino print. Intricately cut letters using a No.1 lino cutting blade formed the type; a mix of sans serif and a cursive flowing font.

The nature of transferring the image and then cutting it by hand migrates the type away from its standardised form and introduces unique ridges and waves to the letter forms.

Soft cut lino blocks don’t have the hessian backing. This means you can hold it up to the light to see how your design is getting on in a readable perspective.

I wanted a colourful print, but without dividing up the the lino block, I decided to make a gradient. Rolling blue and yellow inks together gently blends the colours from blue to green through to yellow.

Marking up placement of printing block and card placement removes the stress of centring the print on the page.

Printed onto a variety of card stocks further enhances the prints.

Introducing other colours gives more variety.

The full creation process is available on our Youtube channel. Prints are available on our Etsy page.