Earlier this year I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing project – The World Reimagined. It was to be a sculpture trail project that would take place in several cities around the UK, to tell the history of the slave trade.

Working in Croydon with several other artists, we each painted a giant globe with our designs. In August 2022 they were unveiled in Westminster and then placed on the streets around London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool and Swansea.

Full Creation Video

For too long, the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade has been untold, mistaught or misrepresented. In the UK, we celebrate with pride the Trade’s abolition – but the people who were enslaved and their descendants; Britain’s role in the Trade’s creation; and the Trade’s devastating legacy are usually missing from how history is told. This is not ‘Black History’, this is all of our history.

The World Reimagined.