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This papercut sculpture was designed in 2024 by artist Gregory Daines.

8 Layers
130 gsm/62 lbs acid-free matt paper made from wood pulp

Mounted and backed 8×8″.

This series of layered papercuts maps the exploration of architectural forms. Noughts and Crosses continues the series which features elements which were inspired by those who went on The Grand Tour. Exposed to designs popular in Europe, artisans were commissioned to bring elegance from the continent to fine homes and estates in England. The design emulates plaster and wood-panelled ceilings.

As an Artist inspired by architecture and layering, these delicate papercuts can symbolise transformation and influence in a changing world. Stone and paper are transposed and we can see through the shadows and light created in the form’s relief, that beauty is the enduring legacy of ideas which are creatively shared and embraced.